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Back2Front SEO FAQ

Concerning SEO techniques you may of heard about elsewhere:

Site Maps
Since Back2Front creates web sites that have no roadblocks to search engines, by default, the Google bot can index all pages of our sites without the need for site map submission. However, if you have a significant amount of content that is not "crawlable" (such as videos, PDFs or images), it may be beneficial to create and submit a site map of this content.

The Robots.txt File
For most sites, this file is not needed, as the default is to allow crawling by all search engine robots, which is what we want. In some rare instances where there is content on a site which the owner does not want to be indexed, we can add the correct robots.txt file and directives.

Social Networking
Using social networks to direct traffic to your site may be effective, depending on your business. The question is, "Is the time it takes to accomplish this worth the results?" If you are networking socially anyway, there's no reason why you can't add links to your web site whenever appropriate. But if you're not, this technique may prove to be too time-consuming compared to other methods of gaining traffic.